About Me


My name is Gordon,

From all the reading I do over the internet and the different experiments that I do, I have learned to get information on my projects I have to read about, on average 5-6 different sites and that’s not including the 10+ sites that I visited to find those 5-6 sites to get the information needed to learn how to get my project started. Then thought about a blog where I share my notes hoping to help someone else out who maybe wont have to scan Google for days trying to learn the same thing. Plus a personal Bible to help me remember things down the road.

I went to college for a Mechanical Engineering Degree, I completed 3 years, but no degree. My full-time job was in the way of the times the classes were and i never got the chance to go back. That did not stop me from the urge to know more about everything around me and available to me. Recently… past 4 years have taken an interest in Linux. The amazing opportunity of this is endless and the way everything should be “Open Source” Anyone can change any part of any program to make it how they need it, then share it. Other than Linux, I like electronics and like to build things. Like a Tesla Coil, I have made one that is Spark Gap and Solid State using an Arduino. Then I got the Solid State to play music using PWM midi conversion. If you have not seen or heard of a Tesla Coil go to youtube and search Tesla Coil Music or just Tesla Coil and you will see.

Currently I have a Full-Time job, a wife and a kid. So my time is limited but I will have this blog filled up before too long. As my drive of learning new things, troubleshooting, and figuring things out probably wont stop till I am in the ground.

Project Notes to Post eventually

  • Raspberry PI Home Automation with WEBIOPi
  • Raspberry PI Home Automation with Home Assistant
  • Raspberry PI VPN and adding Google Authenticator
  • PI-Hole add blocker
  • Remote Desktop on Fedora
  • Remote Desktop on CentOS
  • Virtualization on CentOS Headless Server
  • Cisco Router and Switch (work in progress)
  • Tesla Coil
  • Solid State Tesla Coil and Python Coding for Arduino