Installing OpenVPN on Centos 8

Install git if it is not already installed Use git to download the road warrior script Then cd into the downloaded directory and run Then select the IP address that your router has givien you and it is a good idea to make your IP address static, if you don’t and your router assigns you […]

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Installing Cockpit on Centos 7

Cockpit is a web based console for your server. You can create, manage, or delete virtual machine remotely with a nice GUI. Also you can view logs, system load, networking usage, etc. A lot of nice and useful information about your server. My server runs Centos 7 if your using a different flavor of Linux […]

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Raspberry PI First Time Set Up

Hello World,If you have not heard of a Raspberry PI (RPI) you should check them out. For around $30-$40 its worth the experience even if you don’t have knowledge of how to set up a RPI it is quite easy. For those who don’t hopefully this will help.Prerequisites:1. Raspberry PI 3 B+ (you can choose […]

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Shell Environment

Make things easier for your Shell environment. Anything you have to repeat why do it over and over again when you can simply it. To make an alias for your current shell environment (the alias(environment variable) will be no longer be available if you close that shell) In the command line session you enter: $ […]

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Fedora on Ryzen 5 and Vega 8 install issue (Lenovo E585 and others)

UPDATE: LENOVO HAS RELEASED A BIOS UPDATE THAT CORRECTS THE NOAPIC ISSUE RELEASED AUGUST 20TH Revision : 01 ——————————————————————————– Software name BIOS Update CD (ISO image file for bootable CD) Support model ThinkPad E485 ThinkPad E585 Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit Refer to marketing materials to find out what computer models support which Operating […]

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